Winnings & Withdrawals

What are the jackpot odds?

For 5-36 lottery the jackpot odds are 1:376992.

For 6-45 lottery the jackpot odds are 1:8145060.

How can I check if I won or not?

You can check all results under the "My tickets" section of your account menu. There you will see if your ticket won anything or not.

How to get my winnings?

If your ticket is a winning one, the prize will be added to your account balance automatically after the draw. You may then withdraw it to your BTC wallet, exchange it or use for buying more tickets.

How to make a withdrawal?

You can withdraw your funds at "My balance" → "Withdraw" section.

How long does the withdrawal take?

It might take up to 24 hours for the withdrawal to be processed after the request has been placed.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

Yes, we take a withdrawal fee of 0.5% from the requested amount (while min is 0.00001 BTC and max is 1 BTC).

Couldn’t find the answer?

If you were unable to find the info you were looking for, please contact our customer support service using this contact form.