Security & Transparency

I forgot my password, please help!

Use the "Forgot password?" option for password recovery.

How to change my password?

You can change your password using "Forgot password?" option or in the "Settings" section of your account menu using the "Change Password" option. If you used Social Network for registration, you just need to set up your first password using any of the above mentioned options.

How can I enable 2-step verification?

Please Login your account and go to the "Settings" section of your account menu to find the instructions.

How can I be sure that you don’t rig draw results?

We use an open source algorithm for getting draw results. This formula takes the details of a certain block found on blockchain and calculates the drawn number. Please check it out here If you are good in coding or have someone who’s good in it, you will make sure that formula is working properly and we don’t rig draw results.

What does it mean "lottery based on blockchain"?

Blockchain is the technology of future. This technology is used by numerous financial institutions as it provides 100% transparency and zero chance of being rigged. We use the formula that takes certain blocks from blockchain and based on their data calculates the drawn number. This way we show everybody that results are genuine and they can’t be rigged as anyone who’s good in coding can check our formula and confirm its fairness.

How do you exactly calculate the drawing numbers?

Please go to the "Check Fair Play" section to find a detailed explanation for each lotto type.

Can you give us some proof that you have jackpot funds that you mentioned?

Transparency is our priority and we want everyone to be sure that we do have jackpot funds ready to be paid out to the lucky winner.
Please use some Bitcoin Signature Verifier to verify our jackpot funds.
Here are the details that you need:

Address: 1LT5Rck8WdNbJQEngSZQHQv2CYwWHeP28j
Message: jackpot
Signature: H86KYhHuesqnCfeiygLLLPowB2GtsMV/hcJuGGAm4LXVKSrTC78thWlRl9cMV/Xs2Du2HpdUsHOw9X8Wwfd1dD4=

Couldn’t find the answer?

If you were unable to find the info you were looking for, please contact our customer support service using this contact form.