Check Fair Play

We use an open source algorithm for calculating drawn numbers so everyone could check the results of each draw. Please see below the detailed explanation:

For 6-45 lottery, we start determining the numbers at 10:00 UTC. Our formula takes every odd block from the blockchain found after 10:00 UTC and, based on its hash, height, hash of the previous block, calculates the drawn number. If the same number gets drawn once again in the same draw, the formula will simply skip such block and take the very next odd block. So basically, we repeat the odd block examination until all 6 numbers are received. The block is considered to be odd if its height gives you a non-integral after halving.

You may choose the draw you are interested in, see what numbers exactly have drawn, and use the Calculator to check the results yourself. Let’s imagine you want to check Draw #1. You might want to open this page in a separate tab: and you will see that the first drawn number was 8, block 498211 that was found at 10:02:31 gave this number.

If you click on the "?" sign on the draw details page, the Calculator will pop up and you will see the details of that block, the formula and the drawn number. At this stage you may go to website, find the same block using its height for example and then take all the info required by the formula from blockchain and fill out the Calculator fields with that info to see if you get the same drawn number that we received. Please make sure to put in the data in the same format you see it on

So basically this way you can see that we don’t know in advance the details of the next block thus we can’t predict the drawn number, we calculate it after the block is found. All the info is displayed correctly on our website, you may check each drawn number using this Calculator and compare the data.

The formula is working properly and if you are good in coding, you can easily check it or just show it to somebody who’s good in coding. We hope this will help everybody understand that we do everything in a fair and transparent way, which is why our lottery is considered to be a provably fair one.

Number calculator

You can easily check the drawn numbers. Fill these fields with relevant data from