Lottery rules

How to play 5-36

You can play "Bitplay Club Lottery" every day. Simply choose your numbers on the ticket. You may choose the numbers yourself, or have it auto filled with random numbers. You may even choose to have frequent or rare numbers filled in by the system. Select how many consecutive draws you wish to participate: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 draws. The number of consecutive draws means that you will buy the ticket with the same combination for the next day/days. By clicking "More tickets" you can add additional lottery tickets with different combinations.

One lottery ticket costs 0.00005 BTC. The total price will depend on the number of options and tickets you choose to play.

When the ticket is filled out, please go to the cart and pay for it.

How to play System Game 5-36

You may also play "System Game" version of 5-36. System Game generates all possible combinations of the chosen numbers, giving you increased odds of winning. To participate in the System Game, choose the amount of numbers you wish to play: from 5 to 10. Each possible combination of 5 numbers will be automatically generated. The cost will depend on the quantity of combinations generated.

If you select 6 numbers, it will be considered as 6 tickets with unique combinations of 5 numbers each:
12345, 23456, 13456, 12456, 12356, 12346. Thus the price is equal to buying 6 separate lottery tickets. The "system game" price chart is here:

Amount of selected numbers Number of combinations Price for the participation in one drawing, BTC
5 1 0.00005 BTC
6 6 0.0003 BTC
7 21 0.00105 BTC
8 56 0.0028 BTC
9 126 0.0063 BTC
10 252 0.0126 BTC
How do we receive drawn numbers?

The draw is held every day. It’s closed at 08:00 UTC. Numbers checking starts in 2 hours after the draw close.

The Bitplay Club Lottery uses a unique system to find the winning numbers. We take every even block from blockchain and based on its hash, height and hash of the previous block we calculate the drawn number according to the formula:

            md5(<Previous Block Hash>) +
            md5(<Block Height>) +
            md5(<Block Hash>)
    ) MOD 36
) + 1;

If the same number has drawn once again in this draw, we are waiting for the next even block. We repeat the even block selection till all 5 numbers are found.

  • You can easily check the numbers on every draw by visiting website for blocks checking and following the above mentioned protocol.
  • You can also check the drawn numbers using our calculator .
  • Winning numbers and the game prizes can be found on the draw page of the lottery as well as in the "My tickets" section.
Prize pool and distribution of winnings

Rewards for winning tickets are fixed. Please check the prize table below:

  • 2 matching numbers: 0.00005 BTC
  • 3 matching numbers: 0.0005 BTC
  • 4 matching numbers: 0.005 BTC
  • 5 matching numbers: Jackpot!

The jackpot is accumulative. If not hit by anyone, it will be rolled into the next draw. If the jackpot is hit, the next draw will start with the jackpot amount established by the Company.